Why would I use Tixplace?

Tixplace makes re-selling and buying e-tickets easier and safer than other methods. A buyer will get the tickets only after he/she paid, so the seller can be sure of receiving the money. As a buyer, you benefit from a safe platform because we perform rigorous checks on tickets and sellers. Selling prices cannot exceed 30% above the original price. In this way, we keep traders out and we make sure everything is fair.

When do I receive my money?

If you managed to sell a ticket less than 7 days before of the event, we will transfer your money the next working day after the end of the event.
If the ticket was sold more than 7 days before the event, we will transfer you the money in a few days (depending on the transaction date, weekends, bank holidays etc).
Depending on your bank, the process can take a few days. This is out of our control. But don’t be worried, your money is on its way!

Why do I get my money after the event?
If you sold tickets less than 7 days before the event, your money will be transferred the next working day after the end of the event. We want to prevent fraud in this way.

To check the status of your payments, go to your account > My payments.

Can I use Tixplace without a Facebook account?

No, unfortunately there is no other way at the moment. We use the Facebook profile as a part of our safety checks. This way you always know who you’re doing business with. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you can always ask a friend for help.

At the same time, we are working on alternative login methods. Once these become functional, we will inform all users.

Can I resell my ticket I bought on Tixplace?

Yes! It is possible to resell the ticket you bought on Tixplace. The only condition is that you need to resell using the same account that the ticket was purchased with. Most of the times, this is your own account.

There is another name on my ticket. Can I still attend the event?

Fortunately, the name printed on the tickets is not so important. Although the name of the initial buyer is on the ticket, the only thing that gets checked is the barcode.
Here’s two examples when the name printed on the ticket does not matter so much.

Example A: When someone buys multiple tickets, his or her name is printed not only on that ticket, but on the rest of the tickets as well. If the one that bought the tickets initially cannot go to the event anymore, the rest of the tickets are still valid and his/her friends can still go.

Example B: When someone buys a ticket as a gift for someone else, the tickets will be on the buyer’s name. Still they can be used by the person who received them as a gift.

In both cases, the names on the tickets are not so important.

There are some exceptional situations when the tickets are strictly personal. In these situations, we try to partner with the organizers of the events. If we dpn’t have a partnership, then we prevent these events from being displayed on our platform.

Why did you start Tixplace?

In 2017, we started Tixplace because at that time there was not safe platform for re-selling and buying tickets for events in Romania. We kept on hearing from our friends about all kind of problems when they tried to sell or buy second hand tickets for events. So, we thought we could solve this issue and we kicked off Tixplace.

With your feedback and enthusiasm we will continue to work and make Tixplace the first option for re-selling and buying e-tickets for events in Romania.

Is selling a ticket with Tixplace safe?

Ab-so-lutely. Your e-ticket will only be sent to the buyer once he or she has paid. When Tixplace receives the payment, we will transfer it to your bank account on the next business day.

Can someone double sell a ticket?

No, we automatically scan the barcodes and check whether the ticket was already sold or not. When a sellet (accidentally) uploads the same ticket twice, the listing is removed from the website. We don’t know what happens outside of Tixplace, but it rarely goes wrong.

Why a user sold so many tickets?

Tixplace is a safer and easier way to re-sell tickets that other methods. Since the beginning, Tixplace has been against traders. For this reason, the maximum price is 30% higher than the original one. Therefore, it becomes an unattractive place for traders.

Unfortunately, sometimes Tixplace is used by traders. They cannot sell their tickets via other platforms, so they do it on ours at a loss. We allow this to happen for a few reasons:

  • If we block these users, they will sell their tickets via multiple fake-accounts. If this happens, we will lose insight about who they are.
  • Blocked traders will sell their tickets via other platforms, which is less safe.
  • A lot of people are still able to get their hands on a cheap ticket via Tixplace.
Can I sell multiple tickets on Tixplace?

Yes, there are two ways to do this.

  1. If you have a PDF or PNG file that contains more tickets, you will have to select the number of tickets in the file. Please note that you have to sell all tickets in one transaction.
  2. If you have a PDF or PNG file per ticket, you will have to upload every ticket individually. Don’t worry, our platform will pre-fill your personal details after the first use, so a new upload is done in no time.

Also, if you have tickets with different prices, please upload them separately.

An overview?

You can check at any time what tickets were sold by go to My listing in your account.

What kind of tickets can I sell on Tixplace?

You can use Tixplace to sell tickets for all kind of events such as concerts, festivals, theatres or sports as long as the tickets are in PDF or PNG format. This is also not possible when you take a picture of those tickets. We need the original PDF, PNG tickets to validate and send them to the buyer. Any print or scan will not be approved.

If you want to sell hard copy tickets for an event that also has e-tickets, we recommend you contact the organizers and try to swap to e-tickets.

Please note that we don’t allow selling personalized tickets such as flight tickets, guest list tickets, tickets you won or received from sponsors. Those tickets have a too high risk of not being accepted at the entrance.

How much does it cost to sell a ticket with Tixplace?

If you want to sell e-tickets on Tixplace, creating a listing is free. We charge a small fee of 5% once your ticket is sold. The fee is 5% of the price you sold the ticket. So, if you sold a ticket for EUR 10, we will deduct EUR 0,5 and the seller will receive EUR 9,5. Throughout the upload process you can see exactly how much you get for your ticket.

Can I sell hard copy tickets with Tixplace?

No, unfortunately that is not possible on our platform. We only accept PDF or PNG e-tickets that we can process. Creating a scan or a photo will also not be accepted.

If you want to sell hard copy tickets for an event that also has e-tickets, we recommend you contact the organizers and try to swap to e-tickets.

I created an event, but it doesn’t show in the Search events field

When you add a new event, it does not appear on the website right away. A Tixplace operators has to validate that event. If you add the event during the day this will only take a few minutes, but if it is at night you might need to bare with us until the next day.

How do I sell a listed ticket to a friend?

The simplest way is to use Tixplace as you planned. You can always choose to sell them by yourself, but you must remove your listing before you do that. This way you’ll avoid selling your tickets twice, because once you sold them on Tixplace, you won’t be able to get them back.

There are more tickets on the same page. What can I do?

If you have a PDF orn PNG file that contains more tickets on the same page, you will have to sell all tickets in one transaction and indicate the number of tickets in the file during the upload process.

Can I undo the sale?

Unfortunately, you cannot undo your sale. Usually, the buyer must have already downloaded the tickets and the price has been paid. Still, if during the sale process something goes wrong, you must contact us as soon as possible.

Why is my address needed?

We need your address in order to comply with KYC (Know Your Customer) legal requirements. According to these requirements, we have the legal obligation to collect these information from all customers that initiate payments or clients to which we initiate a payment on our platform. This way we make sure that the person who initiates a payment or to whom we initiate a payment is entitled to participate in the respective transaction.

What if I don’t share this information?

We won’t be able to make payouts to you, they will be paused and the money will be held in escrow until the required information is filled in.

How is my data being saved?

This kind of personal data will only be used in order to identify you as a client and will not be stored.

How is my data used by Tixplace?

Tixplace will send you personal data to the payment provider who is in turn obliged to comply with KYC requirements.

How can I delete my listing?

You only have to click the ”edit” button from the upper right corner of your listing. On ”my listings” you can manage your active listings, including their deletion. You can delete individual tickets from a listing, but you cannot delete a sold or reserved ticket.

Can I edit a listing?

Of course you can. All you have to do is be logged in, then you have 2 options: whether you can click the “edit” button from the upper right corner of the listing, or you can click the listing you want to edit from “my listings”.

How do I make sure my ticket was sold?

When someone buys a ticket listed by you, we’ll send you a confirmation on the email and a text message. Even if you received only one of the two, you shouldn’t worry, because that still represents a confirmation that your ticket was sold.

Also, you can always check the status of your listings from “my listings”.

How do I receive a good review after I have sold a ticket?

As soon as the buyer reports that your ticket has worked, you will get a good review. If you don’t get any review from the buyer within one week, you’ll get a good review automatically, considering no message is a good message.

Why would I use Tixplace?

Tixplace makes re-selling and buying e-tickets easier and safer than other methods. A buyer will get the tickets only after he/she paid, so the seller can be sure of receiving the money. As a buyer, you benefit from a safe platform because we perform rigorous checks on tickets and sellers. Selling prices cannot exceed 30% above the original price. In this way, we keep traders out and we make sure everything is fair.

Is it safe to buy tickets on Tixplace?

Yes, and we will tell you why:

We check every buyer and seller
Tixplace aims to facilitate a safe ticket sale. To make Tixplace as safe as possible, we use social media IDs as a first security layer. All users have to login with their Facebook account, so it is clear for everyone who they buy from. You can also see how many tickets the user sold previously on your platform which will help you judge their credibility.

We check every ticket
We check the tickets before they go live on our website in multiple ways: location, date, price, seat number etc. Every ticket is check both using software and manual. By careful checks we make sure the same ticket is not sold twice on our platform.

Our team is here to help you
After every event, the buyers can evaluate the sellers. If the ticket was invalid, then Tixplace will try to find an amicable solution to settle the conflict between seller and buyer.
We have sellers’ information (name, bank account, email etc) which we can release to the authorities in case of fraud. We also reserve the right to prevent access to our platform for users who commit fraud.

But, no worries: 99.8% of all tickets on Tixplace are OK :)

Is it possible that the seller uses the ticket as well?

Technically, it is possible for the sellers to use the tickets at the event because they have the original files. However, this almost never happens. Why? It becomes very unattractive to commit fraud on the Tixplace platform as every seller provides us a lot of personal information (Facebook account, name, address, IBAN etc). When we identify fraud, we could contact the seller, ban them from the platform forever and provided all the necessary information to file a police report.

In situations where the seller made a mistake (such as mixing up the tickets) we will try to mediate a conversation between the buyer and seller to find an amicable solution.

A ticket is being sold. What does it mean?

When someone selects a ticket and gets to the payment page, that ticket is on hold until the payment is confirmed. This process can take up to 15 minutes. If the payment was unsuccessful, then the ticket will become available again and you can buy it.

Tickets on hold cannot be edited by the seller either.

Tickets listed on the site for sale can be purchased at any time 24/7.

What payment methods are accepted by Tixplace?

Tixplace uses outsourced online payment platforms that allow users to pay using MASTERCARD and VISA cards.

The currency is set by the seller and the conversion is done by the online payments platform.

Are there any additional costs besides the price of the ticket?

Besides the price set by the seller, Tixplace is going to charge a service fee of 5% and a transaction fee of 3%.

Why didn’t I receive the email with my tickets?

From various reasons, some emails might not always be delivered. It’s really important that you check whether you entered the correct email address or if the email with your tickets ended up in the “junk” folder.

Also, you always have the option to download your ticket directly from Tixplace website, you just have to go to “my purchase”.

In order to check if your email address is correct, you must go to “profile”.

Can I get in touch with the seller?

In order to make things easier both for the seller and for the buyer, you will not be able to get in touch with the seller. This is to ensure that the selling process is effortless for him.

Of course, if needed, we’ll contact the seller for you.

What if I received a different ticket from what I ordered?

You must contact us through email, char or phone and we’ll help you as soon as possible. In most of the cases, the seller made a mistake that we’ll definitely tix (fix :P).

Nevertheless, it is really important that you don’t put the ticket up for sale because this will only delay solving your problem.

Why other users seem to buy tickets before me?

A lot of people are looking for that one ticket that became available when an event is popular. Sometime we have hundreds of users that want that ticket. The one that click Buy will be the one that gets the ticket. As you can imagine we talk here about milliseconds. We understand that this is frustrasting, but please try again. The closer the event gets, the more tickets become available.

Please note that when a user fails to complete a successful online transaction, the ticket become available for sale in about 15 minutes.

How does the notification system work?

When we have new tickets that become available, we will notify you by email. These notifications are super-fast, but not instantaneous. It is possible to have a few seconds between the first and last notification. This is out of our control and can be determined by your internet connection speed.

What happens when my ticket doesn’t work?

Fortunately, this almost never happens. However, if anything goes wrong we will do our best to help you quickly find a solution.

Are you standing in front of the entrance right now?

Our customer support team is available at XXXXXXXX

How do I report a ticket didn't work?

After the event has taken place, you will receive an email from us, prompting you to report whether the ticket worked or not. If your ticket does appear to be invalid, Tixplace will put you and the seller in touch through a moderated chat with one of our support agents, in order to find an amicable solution.

Can I unsubscribe from notifications?

You can easily unsubscribe from notifications by clicking the ”unsubscribe” link that you’ll find in the notification email you received. This way you won’t be receiving notification anymore.

You can delete any saved listing from “my wanted listings” section. Also, on the platform, by clicking on the tab “more” you’ll be able to select and delete you wanted listings.

Can I see my bought and sold tickets anywhere?

Sure, they are available in your profile under My listing and My purchase.

Beyonce’s concert was postponed. What now?

All European concert part of the last Beyonce tour have been postponed because the artist had some medical problems.

Bucharest, June 8-9 August 11-12

I bought my tickets in Tixplace. What do I do now?

Your tickets is still valid. If you cannot make it to the event we recommend you re-sell it. We will inform you on the new dates as soon as they become confirmed. I sold tickets on Tixplace. What should I do?

The person that bought the ticket via Tixplace is the owner of the ticket. The money you received stays in your account. You don’t need to take any action. Since the tickets are not yours anymore, it is important not to ask for a refund from the original ticket outlet (ie eventim.ro). If you do ask for a refund, all the tickets sold on Tixplace will be invalid. We definitely don’t want that! So, please do not try to get a refund. If you do and the tickets become invalid, you will be responsible for fraud against the buyer on Tixplace.

I also have tickets for my own use. Can I ask for a refund?

If you have tickets for the same event you can use them of course for the new date. If you cannot make it anymore, it is important to know that you should not ask for a refund: most of the times the original ticket outlets refund orders in one transaction which means you will invalidate all tickets sold on Tixplace. In the cases where you cannot make it to the event anymore we recommend you sell the tickets.

I bought a ticket for the cancelled Relentless festival. What should I do?

As you might have heard, Relentless festival was cancelled and the normal refund procedure will start: from the organizers to the initial buyers. From social media and contacting the organizers we learned that no refund was made as of now.

Tixplace contacted all sellers who confirmed no refund has been made yet. We understand that this situation is frustrating and we are doing our best to gather as much information as possible. This depends largely on the organizers’ communication. If the organizers don’t refund the initial buyers, it is also impossible for us to refund the tickets.

The organizers have communicated in this case that they were working on the issue and they would keep all buyers up to date with the refund procedure. Tixplace will do its best to contact the initial buyers, sellers on our platform, to facilitate the refund for the Tixplace users.

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